"Recipient of the NATIONAL SERVICE AWARD for the past 10 consecutive years! "

Wiatava Lodge: Recipient of the OA National Service Grant in 2014

About Wiatava Lodge #13


Wiatava Lodge #13 was formed in 1973 to serve the Orange County Council in Southern California, but the history of our lodge begins long before that. Like many councils, the Orange County Council originally had its own honor camper society, known as the Tribe of Gorgonio. It was founded around 1927 at Camp RoKiLi, the council summer camp at Barton Flats in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Wiatava Lodge #13 was officially formed on January 1, 1973. The lodge chose local Indian traditions for both its name and totem. Wiatava is the Cupeño Indian name for Lost Valley, and means place of the oaks. Our totem is the cogstone, an ancient and mysterious artifact, found mostly in archaeological sites in and around Orange County.

Rather than keeping the number of either of our predecessors, Wiatava Lodge asked the national office for the lowest number available at the time, and thus became lodge 13.


Spring Ordeals were held at both Lost Valley and Camp Ahwahnee in 1973, and the first lodge Pow Wow was held at Lost Valley that fall. The Pow Wow alternated between the two camps until 1978, when Camp Ahwahnee was closed. Since then, all our Pow Wows have been held at Lost Valley.

The district chapters have remained an important part of our lodge operation, though their names and boundaries continue to shift as the council membership changes.

Over the years, Wiatava has built a national reputation, usually sending one of the largest contingents to the National Order of the Arrow Conferences. Our lodge has also provided a National Chief of the Order of the Arrow – Evan Chaffee (2007) – and a National Vice Chief – Larry Brown (1979-80) – along with numerous section and regional officers.




NOAC 2018

Registration for NOAC 2018 opens on October 2, 2017.
At the time of registration, a $100 deposit is required. Your deposit does not guarantee you a slot in the Orange County Council NOAC contingent.
Registration is required in order to show interest.


If you have any questions please email the 2018 Wiatava Lodge NOAC Contingent Advisor, Al Silva at


For further information regarding NOAC 2018 please click the link below.



Region Conclave

September 15 – 17 at Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center


We have not conducted a Regional Conclave for many years. Come and enjoy fellowship with 9 Council Lodges from around Orange and LA Counties
Enjoy Sports, Shows, Patch Trading, Indian Affairs and Camp Promotion Activities.
Take classes to learn more about different subjects related to the Order of the Arrow.
This year’s theme is Kaikua’ana, which is Hawaiian for Brotherhood.


Online registration is now open but will close on August 31, 2017. After this date registration will be handled at the event.


Every participant will be required to bring a completed BSA medical form (Parts A and B).
Participants who wish to take part in swimming or zip line also need to bring an IROEC recreational activity waiver.


After adding your registration to the shopping cart, you will be able to select your classes. T-shirts and back patches will also be available for advanced purchase during registration.


Early Registration through July 31, 2017 is $45.00
Registration August 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017 is $55.00
Registration at the event is $65.00
Special discount for new Ordeal members (Ordeal after 9/15/16) – $10.00 or $5.00 at event


Bunkhouse Reservations:
$25.00 through July 31st
$30.00 August 1st through August 31st
$40.00 at the event


If you have any questions please email the 2017 Conclave Contingent Leader at


To register, please click the link below


Lodge Service


Lodge Service
Opportunities & Obligations

A Message from the

VC of Service

My personal service goals are to exceed last year’s number, and to earn the National Service Award, which only goes to two lodges in each region. That means as a lodge we need an average of about 35 hours of service per arrowman.

What will help us get to 35 hours per Arrowman?

Reports for every hour of service that we are doing needs to be turned in. Individual Service can be tracked on a spreadsheet throughout the year and turned in by the November lodge meeting. Service to Scouting that is beyond your registered position counts as OA service. Here is an example. If you are registered as an Assistant Scout Master and you are an Eagle Scout Adviser all your time spent working with Eagle candidates would count as service. These hours can be tracked on a personal spreadsheet and turned in to the lodge. Please make sure your spreadsheet has the following information. Date, number of hours, and description of service provided.

Examples of Acceptable Service Projects

– Camp promotion Visitations
(1 hour maximum per visitation)
– Service to scout camps
– Staff of district or council events
– Staff for community events
– Ordeal projects (working of both members and candidates may be counted)
– Service to community

A few specific tips that are good to remember. If you’re getting paid, it’s not service. If the organization is getting paid, is a for profit organization, it will not earn any service hours.

Examples of Unacceptable Service Projects

– Projects in which the chapter or any member receives some type of material compensation for the project (not including meals)
– OA ceremonies, unit elections, or other official OA functions
– Staff for Chapter Ordeals
– Projects performed for any profit making company which will directly gain profit from the service (churches, governments, and community centers shall be considered non-profit.)

If You Have Questions – Contact
Daniel Muleady

Vice Chief of Service
email for more info: service@wiatava.org


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