I got called-out, What now??


You have been elected to the Order of the Arrow by the Scouts in your unit. Following your election, you were called out. Next you must complete your Ordeal. There you will accept the Obligation and receive your Ordeal sash. The final step is the acceptance of Brotherhood membership, which marks full membership in the Order of the Arrow.

Your completion of the Ordeal sets you on the path of an exciting adventure. After 10 months of service to your unit and fulfilling certain requirements, you will be able to seal your membership in the OA by taking part in the Brotherhood ceremony. Brotherhood membership marks the completion of your induction into the Order of the Arrow. Acceptance of Brotherhood membership involves a pledge of service to the lodge.

The Order of the Arrow provides many opportunities to serve. You are a unique individual with interests and skills different from anyone else, and there are several ways you can help your lodge. As you think about what role you would like to play in the OA in the future, imagine all the great things that you can become involved with: ceremonies, lodge or chapter leadership, ordeal administration, dancing, and many, many others. You can even become your Troop’s OA representative. Our lodge offers service opportunities which support Schoepe Scout Reservation in Lost Valley, Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center and Oso Lake.


Since OA is part of the Boy Scout program, everything is done through the Scout. Each Scout is responsible for keeping informed of OA events. The Lodge website is www.wiatava.org. Each Troop has an OA Representative who should send out emails prior to OA meetings and upcoming events but OA members should not rely solely on that.
An even better way to stay informed and contribute to the Order is to attend your Chapter meetings which are normally held on the fourth Thursday of the month (Please verify these with your particular chapter by going to their website in the Chapter page).


You become a member in the OA after completing the induction. You have two opportunities to complete an induction. Inductions are a weekend long camping and service experience held at one of the Orange County Scout Camps. Spring Inductions are in May and June. Fall Inductions are in September. You need to choose which of these events you will attend to complete your membership. Should you not attend either of these events, you will have to be re-elected next year and tapped out again so please attend one of these opportunities.

The cost of your weekend (varies) covers your meals, OA sash, OA handbook and your first year membership dues. Please have a check made out to OCBSA Order of the Arrow or cash. You will also need to bring a current BSA medical form. The lodge uses the one found here . You may of course use your troop BSA medical form.

Recommended items to bring:
  • a large ground cloth or tarpwork clothes
  • work gloves
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • flashlight
  • sleeping bag
  • tent
  • Class A uniform
  • spending money ($20 is more than enough)
  • Friday Dinner and Sunday Lunch Money ($20 is recommended)
  • toiletries / shower necessities (soap, towel, etc)
  • backpack
  • water bottle/canteen
  • medical form

Note: a mess kit and cooking gear are not needed. Meals at all OA events are prepared and served at the Camp dining hall.


OA is a non-secret organization. Parents are permitted to come and view any OA ceremony. Some parents come to view the Induction ceremony on Saturday night. Parental participation is an individual choice. Most parents who are not OA members themselves do not attend OA ceremonies and events. Logistically, it is a challenge to predict what time the ceremony will occur on that Saturday night.

Supervision at OA events is done on the whole by the adults in attendance. The OA has a long history of this practice of letting the honor campers enjoy a larger degree of freedom at camp and it will continue to do so. Your Scout is expected to live up to the standards of being an honor camper at events without constant supervision.

New inductees are given an OA Handbook and some other materials at the Induction. They should keep and refer to them as they progress on their Brotherhood trail.