OA Jumpstart


Now that you’re in the OA, you might be wondering how it is you can get involved. Every lodge is different, but one guarantee is that there are many ways that you can become active. Talk to fellow Arrowmen and find out when the next OA meeting is. Attending a meeting is the best way to find out what opportunities are available, and whether or not you want to take part.

The OA has something for everyone. If you thought the Ordeal ceremonies were cool, you should know that you could be a part of them. If you’re interested in American Indian affairs, there may be a dance or drum team you can join. If you want to lead, there are elections every year, or perhaps you could get involved with a committee – perhaps even become chairman.

Attend a meeting, tell the youth leaders what you’re interested in, or ask how you can help and you’ll have taken the first step towards active involvement in the OA. Remember though, your first duty is to your unit.

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